You said I love too much

Your smile, your shape, and every face you make
You said I’m too dependent
Disoriented and I’m still afraid
Afraid of every deed and every move of you
They make me scared
I don’t believe that you will stay
And play with me the abstract game

You want me to be insensible
You rebuke me when I cry
You seem so strong, you’re never wrong
You lead the pack, you are the guide
Feeling no pain, fighting again
You see my life creepy and lame
You know your strength cuz you are brave
You win your life, you think you’re save

I go to sleep, that’s what I need
My dreams are faith, they are my creed
The world is out, the noise too loud
The fight is fool, I hate its rules
My dreams, my sleep, I’m there so deep
So far from you, the best I do
My time, my way, abnormal game
I fall asleep, that’s what I need

She said so quietly, she left me
In the middle of my dream
She said that she should go
Just go and flow in the main stream of today
Her mind is so affected
So infected with the newest race
And she desires and admires
Absolutely different games

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