Rain down, rain up
To touch the sky
In the river the stream is back
Turn off the light
Cos’ the time in the palm
Like a spark
It is zooming like a fly
It is growing, becoming a lighthouse, a guide of the hearts

Snowflakes, white doves
Curtain the grass
In the feeling there is the God
Who is mad
Who is never too late with no fate
Who is always on time
And no words can explain, we are equal and we are the same

So low our life
Too far to fly
Bring the happiness to my faith
Find me the name
I don’t know what to write
Seek or hide
I don’t know what to say
Do I give or I gain
Cos’ I’m missing the time
I am missing the space
And I’m missing the time
I’m still missing all nights and all days
Nights and days
again and again

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